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Quick Slide Module

published by admin on Feb 11, 2012 23:05 | 1 comments


Quick Slide is a server-side media management and publishing application that runs in your web browser. Upload your photos and videos, then publish slideshows for your own web site(s) that are compatible with SlideShowPro Player.


  • Quick Slide requires SlideShowPro version 1.8.8 or higher. SlideShowPro is a commercially licensed product and is very affordable!.
  • Requires the latest version of QuickApps CMS available on GitHub. It will not work on taged version RC3 or older


Download as zip, and install using the installation section (/admin/system/modules).

More Info

Check the Quick Slide help section for more information (/admin/system/help/module/QuickSlide)



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said on Mar 13, 2012 12:53

Not related to this post indeed...
I think it could be nice if you create some different images (with different sizes and maybe formats) of the QACMS logo in the way that users can choose which one to use in their own websites to indicate the powered by, after that ...put'em all in a page of this website.
For example I'd like to use a small one (without reflection), similar to the favicon (but not so small). Of course I can do it by my own but maybe can be helpful to other people too and useful for uniformation (this will prevent that every website uses a different logo image)

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