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QuickApps CMS v1.1-beta

published by admin on May 15, 2012 12:21 | 2 comments

 A quick list of changes made in 1.1-beta:


  • CakePHP core upgraded to v2.2-beta [3]
  • Various coding style fixes, and the release a new documentation repo
  • Some visual changes on Default theme
  • Blocks-cache improvement, which reduces considerably the amount of SQL queries per request.
  • Better control over user's avatar and Gravatar.
  • Logins attempts feature for added security. Block visitors after certain amount of failed login attempts.
  • Multilingual Installation.
  • Since v1.1 all language packages will be included by default. The old languages repo does not exists anymore.
  • New search URL pattern (old pattern deprecated), added the `search` word to URL. e.g.: /search/text to search
  • Several improvements in Translatable entries system. [2]
    • Adding the concept of fuzzy entries. Each time the function __t() is used and no translation is found for the given string, it gets marked as fuzzy. This allows you to know every string in your site that has not been translated yet.
      In this way fuzzy antries may be considered as suggested entries.
    • You can export a list of all fuzzy entries as .pot to be translated/imported later.
    • Ability to import/export translatable entries.
  • Theming Nodes by Content Type.
    • Allow to use different render elements per Content Type.
    • Allow to use different layouts per Content Type.
  • Fields now can be locked, so users cannot edit them. DB schema update required [1]
  • Fields may define entity_types on their .yaml file. An array list of entity types that can hold instances of this field. If empty or not specified, the field can have instances in any entity type.
  • New QuickApps::field_info() which replaces the old field_info behavior-hook.
  • Detector method is() now supports multiple parameters. e.g.: QuickApps::is('group.detector', 'param 1', 'param 2', ...)
  • New Menu helper class. More simple and easy to work with.
  • FieldFile now allows to implement custom display formats using special hook callbacks.
  • hookDefined() now supports Plugin-dot-syntax, if you need to check if an specific module has defined certain methods.
  • LayoutHelper::userRoles() removed, use QuickApps::userRoles() instead. [4]
ALTER TABLE `qa_fields` ADD `locked` TINYINT( 4 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `settings`
Add the code below to AppController::beforeFilter() and then visit any page of your site to execute it:
    App::import('Component', 'Installer');
    $Installer = new InstallerComponent($this->Components);
    $Installer->buildAcos('Locale', APP . 'Plugin' . DS);
Remember to remove the code after you run it.
Update of `webroot/.htaccess` required
Modules affected:
  • DebugKit
  • StickyAdmin
Reinstall these modules before upgrade QuickApps CMS core.
Thanks to everyone for the patches, suggestions and new ideas, documentation changes and tickets!



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said on Jun 09, 2012 22:05

I really like your work. Thx for sharing.

Muchas gracias!


said on May 15, 2012 18:36

Great work,
Have you some interesting features to share about the roundmap for next releases or versions?

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