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Releasing 1.1-RC2

published by admin on Aug 09, 2012 21:25 | 1 comments

The QuickApps CMS development team is happy to announce the release of QuickApps CMS 1.1-RC2. This release contains a several security fixes, some interesting new features and improvements. This will be the final Release Candidate for this branch.

A quick list of changes in 1.1-RC2:


  • Adding more info related to current language in JS variable QuickApps.settings.locale
  • Permissions yaml entries are now translatable.
  • Several security fixes and improvements againts CSRF/XSS.
  • New C-hook callback added black_hole_handler, allow modules to implement custom logic when request get black-holed.
  • New expressions added to the search engine:
    • created: Allow to filter nodes by date range, e.g.: created: [* TO now]
    • modified: Same as created. e.g.: modified: [1 January 2012 TO 31 December 2012]
    • author: Filter content by author email/id, multiple values allowed. e.g.: user:1,
  • FieldFile max upload limit, allow customized number of files.
  • Better handling of error messages during un/installation.
  • New method InstallerComponent::error()
  • New method InstallerComponent::logError()


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said on Aug 10, 2012 10:33

It could be interesting for future to have, somewhere, a roadmap for next features/improvements.

Happy coding :)

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