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Simple Blog Archive With QACMS 1.1

published by admin on Aug 05, 2012 01:56 | 1 comments

QuickApps CMS provides a power and flexible serch engine, which lets users search for specific nodes on your site for particular words.
Since QuickApps v1.1 a few useful search expression were added to the core, for this tutorial we are going to use the `created` expression.
The ´created´ expression will filter all nodes matching the given date-range expression.
For example if you want to filter all the nodes created during "July of 2012":[2012-04-01 TO 2012-04-31]

What we are doing is basically filter all the nodes created BETWEEN 2012-04-01 AND 2012-04-31 (All the days of July)


Now the next step is to create a new menu which will contain all the months of the year. For this you must go to: Structure->Menus->New Menu
Our menu will be titled "Archive Menu", and its links may looks as follow:

  • January (/search/created:[2012-01-01 TO 2012-01-31])
  • February (/search/created:[2012-02-01 TO 2012-29])
  • ....
  • December (/search/created:[2012-12-01 TO 2012-12-31])


Now you can play around with some of the other search expression such as `type`, which allows you to filter nodes by content types. So for example if you want to display all the articles created during July:[2012-04-01 TO 2012-04-31] type:article


And that all. Simple and quick!



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said on Aug 06, 2012 19:34

Very interesting!
I just wondered if those queries are in certain way cashable.
If it not possible maybe could be interesting to have chance to specify it (with the valid cache time)
Great work

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